UV Tanning

Tanning Benefits

Aside from achieving beautifully tanned skin on the outside, tanning has many other benefits. Exposure to ultraviolet light in controlled quantities is the best way for your body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential ingredient in the prevention of ailments such as bone disease and psoriasis. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium for strong bones and a healthy immune system! Exposure even helps in the prevention of colon or breast cancer…and a base tans helps to prevent accidental sunburn! People who are exposed to more hours of sunlight have shown to be happier and healthier.

Age Requirements

Effective 8/1/2014: Persons under age 18 are REQUIRED BY LAW to use sunless tanning options only. We appreciate your cooperation.

Eye Protection

Ultraviolet tanning rays (UVA and UVB) are harmful to your eyes. Eyelids are too thin to provide adequate protection against injury. FDA approved goggles are provided and must be worn. Goggles are also available for purchase.


Allow a minimum of 24 hours between tanning sessions. Tanning professionals recommend waiting 48 to 72 hours, the span of time necessary for your skin to recover from UV exposure, and to create melanin and a tan.

Tanning Plateau

After tanning for a while, you may reach a point where you don't seem to be getting any darker. That's why we offer equipment with different outputs and features. Ask our trained staff which system is best for you according to your tanning routine and needs.

Clean skin

Your skin should be clean before tanning, free of dirt, makeup, grease, etc. You tan much better when you're clean.


Your skin is constantly exposed to the elements: wind, sun, water, heat, cold - all drying your skin, causing your skin to flake off, and there goes your tan as well. Moisturizing is the key to a long-lasting tan. Also, dry skin tends to reflect UV-light, thus decreasing your tanning potential. For best results, use an indoor tanning lotion just prior to tanning and a good moisturizer immediately after tanning.

Tanning Accelerators

Your body makes use of many ingredients in addition to UV-light to produce a tan. Indoor tanning accelerators are designed to provide you with a balanced amount of these essential ingredients to achieve a better tan. You will tan faster and darker if you use an indoor tanning lotion. You will damage your skin if you do not. Tanning without a tanning lotion depletes the skin of moisture. Your tan will last longer and look healthier if you use an indoor tanning lotion. Many advanced products also contain skin care components that help reverse the damaging effects of UV-light and improve the condition of your skin. Since these products are comprised of many essential vitamins, extreme temperatures can cause them to lose their effectiveness. For best results, keep your tanning accelerators at room temperature.

Outdoor Lotions and Oils

Outdoor tanning products are made to address the specific needs of tanning outdoors (uncontrolled conditions). These products can cause a film on tanning bed acrylics and actually inhibit your body from tanning. Outdoor tanning products are NOT allowed in our salons.

Lip Protection

Lips cannot produce melanin, and are not capable of tanning. Protect your lips with lip balm containing sunblock.

Nude Tanning

Be cautious when tanning in the nude, especially if these areas have not been previously exposed to the sun or indoor tanning. For the first few visits, cover these areas for at least ½ of the length of your session allowing these "sensitive areas" to tan gradually.


Some medications can cause a reaction to UV light. Check with your physician or pharmacist if you have any questions about your particular prescription. A list of Photosensitive Drugs is available at each salon.


You must consult your physician regarding tanning while pregnant. There is no danger from UV exposure (it does not penetrate past the surface of your skin); however pregnant women are advised to be careful with the use of saunas, hot tubs and other activities that can cause excessive heat to build up in the uterus.

Dermatitis Therapy

Phototherapy, using exposure of UV light as a treatment, has been used in the treatment of skin problems such as acne and eczema. You should consult your doctor or dermatologist before tanning as skin therapy. Many medications used to treat both acne and eczema renders the skin ultra-sensitive to UV light, so be cautious if medicated when you tan.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Treatment

Light therapy is now frequently used to successfully treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Studies have shown that some people need more light exposure in order to function properly and lead a satisfying life. Light exposure causes the brain to suppress the release of the hormone melatonin, which acts as a depressant in the body if produced during the day.

Maintaining an even tan

We recommend using different equipment to help you maintain that all over even tan. If you enjoy relaxing in the lay-downs, try tanning with your arms above your head to even out the underarm whiteness that can appear.


Frequent tanning may help to fade a tattoo. We recommend using a SPF 30 and covering completely a newly applied tattoo for the first 2-3 months after getting it. After that you can continue to use a SPF 30 or higher on the area to shield it from the UV exposure and prevent any fading.

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Sunless Tanning

What is Mystic Tan?

It’s a private, self-contained system that employs a patented revolutionary spray on process that uses sweeping side to side airbrush motion and MagneTan Technology to apply uniform amounts of Mystic Tanning Myst to the entire body in just seconds.

The Mystic Tan System utilizes personal single use cartridges and additives that can be blended to create the perfect combination for all skin types and desired results.

Systems equipped w/HD technology:
HD technology adds heat to your tanning experience, plus an added drying feature during the application process. Heating conditions the skin for maximum absorption and provides a more inviting experience.

What is Magnetan Technology?

MagneTan application is Mystic’s patented process that uses the human body’s own magnetic properties to attract Mystic Tan Tanning Myst to every exposed surface of the skin. When genuine Mystic Tan Tanning Myst passes through the patented spray nozzle, the micro-particles of Myst are polarized, taking on the characteristics of “tiny magnets.” These particles adhere evenly, and in a precise uniform amount to the exposed skin to create a smooth, even, natural-looking tan.

What is Mystic Tanning Myst?

The Mystic Tan Tanning Mysts are patented self-tanning formulations designed especially for use in Mystic Tan Systems. Our sunless tanning formulations contain DHA, the FDA approved active ingredient that produces the long-term tan effect. When applied, DHA reacts with the proteins in the skin’s superficial layer to form golden brown color. Your skin begins to darken two to three hours after application and reaches its peak color within 24 hours. The color will gradually fade through natural exfoliation, just like a tan from the sun.

Mystic Tan offers several choices of tanning myst in clear formulations. If an instant tan is desired, add Mystic’s Bronzer additives. These are water soluble, bronzing cosmetics that produce an instant tan. The bronzer is a temporary cosmetic color that washes off in the shower or bath without affecting your ultimate tan.

What Should I Wear in the Mystic Tan

Most people wear nothing. Since the room is completely private, going for an all-over treatment is completely up to you. However, if you do wear a bathing suit or underwear, please note that it may become stained. The Insta-Color Bronzer used in the Bronzer Additives is water-soluble and should wash out, but the DHA may permanently stain what you wear during the tanning session.


Should I Cover my Hair While Tanning in the Mystic Tan?

Many customers wear a disposable shower cap to keep their hair dry. Other customers choose to get their treatment without covering their hair. The Mystic Tan Tanning Myst does not penetrate the hair follicle. However, if you use a Bronzer Additive and have very light or white hair, it may become temporarily stained.

Will My Skin Be Wet When I Step Out of the Mystic Tan?

If any excess moisture remains on the skin’s surface after the session, simply use a towel to remove it. Towel off completely just as you do when you shower. This won’t streak your tan. Tanworks’ system is equipped with HD technology to minimize the need to towel off after each session.

How Long Should I Wait After a Session Before Showering?

To give the DHA enough time to fully set, we recommend waiting a minimum of 4 hours after a Mystic Tan session. Showering sooner may diminish intensity of the tan. If you tanned using a Bronzer Additive, the Insta-Color Bronzer will wash off in the shower, but the DHA that creates your longer-lasting tan will remain.

Will Swimming Affect My Tan?

Swimming in chlorinated water or salt water can fade the Mystic Tan results, cause possible streaking and will diminish the length of your tan. However, normal activities such as bathing, showering, or physical activities will not affect the quality of the tan.

Will my Skin Look Orange?

Not at all. Before Mystic Tan, most self-tanners were creams and lotions applied by hand. That meant inconsistent coverage. Too much lotion applied in one place left the skin looking orange. Not enough lotion left unattractive streaks.

Mystic’s MagneTan technology ensures that a uniform micro-spray of Mystic Tan Tanning Myst covers the entire body in the exact amount required to produce a smooth, even, natural-looking tan.

Does Mystic Tan Tanning Myst Have Any Smell After Contact with my Skin?

Some people notice a slight starchy smell on their skin a few hours after a tanning session. This is simply the DHA reacting with the proteins in your skin and it fades away fairly quickly.

Has Anyone Had an Allergic Reaction to Mystic Tan Tanning Myst?

The components we use in our myst have been successfully used in cosmetics and food products for decades and are proven safe for use on the skin. If you’ve had previous allergic reactions to self-tanning lotions or cosmetics, you may want to do a “patch test” first. Put a small amount of Mystic Tan Tanning Myst on a small area of your skin to test for possible reactions.

What Happens if the Mystic Tan Tanning Myst Formulations Get in my Eyes?

Mystic Tan Tanning Myst formulations have been thoroughly tested by a third-party lab and the results showed no eye or skin irritation. More than 20 Million Mystic sessions occur each year, with no adverse reactions documented. However, protective eyewear is provided by the salon should you wish to use it.

What Happens if I Inhale Any of the Mystic Tan Tanning Myst

While no one should purposely inhale or ingest the Mystic Tan Tanning Myst, it is known that DHA (the active tanning ingredient) is a non-hazardous compound and causes no adverse reaction in moderate quantities when applied topically or even ingested. DHA has been used as a diet supplement in sports nutrition and is non-carcinogenic. Testing has further shown that DHA is less toxic than aspirin, caffeine and even common table salt. Based on research, the maximum amount of DHA that could accidently be ingested or breathed during a one minute Mystic Tan sunless tanning session would be .05 milligrams (equivalent to less than one grain of common table salt). Ingesting this minimal amount of DHA should pose no health risk to the consumer. However, nose filters are provided by the salon should you wish to use them.

How Long Does a Mystic Tan Last?

A Mystic Tan can last up to 6 days depending on the formulation you choose and the condition of your skin. Sunless tanning formulations contain DHA, the FDA-approved active ingredient that produces the long-term tan effect. When applied, DHA reacts with the proteins in the skin’s outermost layer to form a golden brown color. Your skin begins to darken two to three hours after application and will reach its peak color within 24 hours. The color will gradually fade through natural exfoliation, just like a tan from the sun.

Are There Ways to Enhance the Mystic Tan Results?

Yes, the Mystic Tan product line features ingredients that are specially formulated for Sunless Tanning. Over the counter products are not formulated for Sunless Tanning. They may block the tan’s application and impede the development process.

Check out Mystic’s complete line of products, designed to prolong, protect and enhance your sunless tanning experience.

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